Who Am I?

My name is Josh. I like electronics.

Why did you create this site?

I created this site because I figured that there are a number of people out there who get motivated to learn how to do electronics just by seeing the sheer number of cool stuff other people do on the internet. I myself still am one of those people. I thought I might start taking every opportunity to share my off-the-clock work In a way that helps someone learn how to do something cool. To me, that means not only building things, but also performing experiments on the things I build, sharing the data, and sharing various schematics or source code that were all part of the process. Plus, while writing good stuff about your work can be hard sometimes, it pays off in the fact that you’re forced to have extra understanding about your work and go the extra mile to get better data. An added bonus is that I’ll have more opportunities to revisit past data/fundamentals in the future; just in case, you know, I forget how electronics work someday.

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